Busy Travel Season Calls For Advanced Precautions

Spring is a popular season for families and young singles to travel, but it’s important that the prospect of an exciting new destination does not override the need to take precautions for health and safety. If you are travelling to a foreign destination or going on a cruise (where disease can spread rapidly), see your doctor or a travel medicine clinic 4-6 weeks before departure to discuss vaccinations and other forms of protection.

Be sure to order personal medications in advance, and consult your carrier and your destination customs office for packing regulations. Unless you know otherwise,
do not expect your destination to offer easy access to common over-the-counter products, such as hand wipes, sunscreen, insect repellent, and medication for motion sickness, diarrhea, allergies, etc. Also, when away from home, choose only bottled water and never leave your drinks unattended in public places.

Finally, before you go, leave a copy of your medications, passport(s), itinerary and contact information with a friend at home, and consult your telephone service provider for a Smartphone travel plan to reduce or eliminate roaming charges for necessary but unexpected usage.

Have a safe trip… Bon Voyage!!

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