Organize Your Storage Space To Improve Your Living Space

More efficient use of available storage areas in your
home will help reduce clutter and create more useful
living space. Here are a few tips to better organize
storage in your home.

• Attack clutter in one room at a time. The kitchen is a
good place to start because we tend to store utensils
and cookware that we rarely use. Start by culling each
drawer, cupboard or closet and moving out-of-season
or seldom-used items away from prime storage areas.
Put the junk aside to sell, give away or trash before a
specified date.

• After sorting, rethink the design of each storage area.
Install bins on rollers in lower cupboards and vertical
racks for flat items like cookie sheets. Put organizer
trays in drawers, racks and shelf bins in pantries, and
pegboards in broom closets (to hang large pots and
other cumbersome items).

• Invest in storage systems for entrance ways, attics
and closets. Many D-I-Y versions are available. Where
clutter seems particularly overwhelming, consider
converting bare walls into storage space by installing
shelving or a cabinet. Be sure not to impede sight lines,
especially between doors and windows. If you’re not
handy, consult with a retail storage advisor or building
centre specialist, or go online for more solutions.

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